Simple Way to Make Delicious Grilled Salmon with honey mustard

Grilled Salmon with honey mustard. This Honey Mustard Grilled Salmon is so simple and really the time it takes to get the grill hot is more than it takes to have this grilled and on the table. The tender, moist and juicy salmon gets a nice crispy grill on both sides and then gets basted with the honey, mustard, mint sauce. Starting the week off with the perfect Memorial Day BBQ recipe, Honey Mustard Grilled Salmon with Avocado Basil Sauce.

Grilled Salmon with honey mustard The perfect recipe for summer barbecues or a quick and easy weeknight meal on the grill. I admit without any kind of resistance to being a mustard addict. I also feel pretty passionately about mustard. You can cook Grilled Salmon with honey mustard using 7 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Grilled Salmon with honey mustard

  1. You need of Salmon steak cut.
  2. It’s of Seed style mustard (Edmond Fallot).
  3. Prepare of Red capsicum.
  4. Prepare of Dried thyme.
  5. Prepare of honey.
  6. You need of Olive oil.
  7. You need of Salt and pepper.

In a bowl, combine vinegar, soy sauce, honey, oil, mustard and ginger. Place the salmon in a shallow glass baking dish. Pour the marinade over the fish. Spoon reserved mustard mixture onto salmon, spreading evenly; cover grill.

Grilled Salmon with honey mustard step by step

  1. Put salt, pepper, thyme on each side of the salmon, add a little bit of olive oil and add on top the seed style mustard honey and the chop capsicum.
  2. Pre heat the oven 450F and make sure to cover the salmon with the foil so it wont get dry. Bake it for 20min.
  3. Remove the lid foil for 5 min until the capsicum is cook.
  4. Serve salmon with white rice.

Serve mayonnaise-mustard sauce mixture with salmon. Serve with some wild rice and maybe a salad, and you have a quick and tasty meal. Any brown mustard will work, but I prefer the Grey PouponĀ® due to the white wine flavor. Place fillets, skin side down, on a greased baking sheet. In a small bowl, combine the brown sugar, mustard, honey and salt; spoon over salmon.