How to Make Appetizing Braised Chicken and Potato

Braised Chicken and Potato – this is recipe you’re looking for? Please look at the menu list to choose the recipe and beverage you want to try. Braised chicken and potatoes 薯仔焖鸡 is a familiar home-cooked dish served in Cantonese households. My family used to cook it frequently because all the ingredients are readily available, quick and easy, and is a one-pot balanced meal. Braised chicken with potatoes is quintessential Chinese comfort food. Hearty, wholesome and delicious, it is easy to cook up and easily becomes a family favourite.

Braised Chicken and Potato Return the chicken pieces to the pan, and nestle them into the liquid, skin-side up. Add the potatoes, then add more water until the liquid barely covers the. This is a basic recipe for braised chicken that you can add other ingredients to for a different flavor profile. You can easy and quick brew Braised Chicken and Potato using 7 ingredients and 2 steps. Next how you to make ready that.

Ingredients that must be prepared for Braised Chicken and Potato :

  1. make ready of chicken thigh.
  2. make ready of big potato.
  3. Prepare of Garlic and shallot.
  4. It’s of Oyster sauce.
  5. It’s of little bit vinegar.
  6. make ready of little bit ketchup.
  7. It’s of peppercorns.

Chicken: Instead of chicken thighs, try bone-in skin-on drumsticks, chicken legs or breasts. Potatoes: You can use red potatoes, purple potatoes or sweet potatoes in lieu of Yukon gold potatoes. This recipe for braised chicken with carrots and potatoes combines seared chicken thighs and tender vegetables in a single dish that makes for an easy and healthy dinner. Chicken thighs and drumsticks with crispy skin, combine with baby potatoes to create a delicious one-pot meal.

Braised Chicken and Potato instructions

  1. Heat wok add oil, fry a little the potato, set aside when done..
  2. Stir fry garlic and shallot then add the chicken. Stir fry until chicken color will turn golden brown. Then add potato, half cup water and the seasonings. Cover and simmer until the sauce evaporates..

Hearty potatoes and chicken full of flavour. This is an easy recipe to cook. The dish needs time to braise as the flavour becomes more intense and the whole dish becomes more saucy and thick. Place the chicken thighs in a bowl, sprinkle the oregano mixture over the chicken and toss to coat. Transfer the chicken to a plate.