Best Way to Cook Appetizing 3 Traffic Light Soups – GREEN – Pea and Mint

3 Traffic Light Soups – GREEN – Pea and Mint – this is recipe you’re looking for? Please look at the menu list to choose the recipe and beverage you want to try. Our nutritional traffic light explained. more nutritional values. This refreshing cold soup is a celebration of spring vegetables with a generous amount of green peas and fresh mint. Increase heat to medium, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat back to low, cover.

3 Traffic Light Soups - GREEN - Pea and Mint Try it cold, as a gazpacho in the summer, or have it simmering away on the stove during the winter. It's a deliciously cozy way of getting some greens and protein into your day. Stir in frozen peas along with remaining vegetable broth and return to a boil. You can easy and quick brew 3 Traffic Light Soups – GREEN – Pea and Mint using 9 ingredients and 4 steps. after this how you to prepare it.

Ingredients that must be prepared for 3 Traffic Light Soups – GREEN – Pea and Mint :

  1. make ready 400 gr of Frozen Peas (or 350 gr Fresh Shelled Peas).
  2. It’s 1 of Medium Potato Peeled and Diced.
  3. You need 1 of Garlic Clove Smashed.
  4. Set 500 ml of Veg or Chicken Stock.
  5. Prepare 4 Tbs of Fresh Chopped Mint.
  6. Prepare 1 Tbs of Lemon Or Better lime Juice.
  7. Set 1 Tsp of Sugar.
  8. It’s 150 ml of Sour Cream.
  9. You need 1 Bunch of Spring Onions – Trim and Chopped.

Remove from heat and using a regular or immersion blender, puree the soup (in batches if necessary). This pea and mint soup is the perfect healthy homemade option for lunch. Finish with a dollop of fat-free natural yogurt and stir into the soup for a tasty Garnish with mint leaves, if you like. Top tip for making Slimming World's green pea and mint soup.

3 Traffic Light Soups – GREEN – Pea and Mint preparation

  1. Put the Stock into a large Pan and bring to Boil – Add the Potatoes and Galic for 15 mins until Very Soft..
  2. Add Peas and simmer for 5 mins, Add rest of items apart from Sour cream then allow to Cool. Transfer into a blender or Food Processor and Blitz until as Smooth as you like..
  3. Add Half the Sour Cream and season to Taste.
  4. Chill to be heated later or Serve Cold (you may need add a little more stock as it will thicken). Add the Remaining Sour Cream and Garnish with a mint leaf..

Serve with a slice of wholemeal. Here is a fabulous soup with an attractive pale-green colour and rich texture, made with green peas and onions, enhanced by a touch of mint. You can feel every spoonful of this soup bursting with the juiciness of green peas and vibrant flavour of mint. This pea and mint soup is a fresh and light soup that's great as an appetizer or a meal. It's also great hot or cold.