Recipe: Yummy Betel sandesh

Betel sandesh. Entrepreneur. we are reputed farm for Fresh Betel Leaves supplier we are looking four buyer from worldwide for our products betel leaves.interest buyer kindly contact with us. No Bengali meal is complete without mishti or sweets and none is more loved by the Bengalis than Sandesh. Chewing betel nut can cause a host of health problems, including oral cancers.

Betel sandesh Betel nuts, Areca catechu are the nut which supports for Antioxidant, Antihelmintic, Sedative, Antidepressant, Antioxidant and Astringent activity. Varun Sandesh, a famous Telugu actor. Check out his height, weight, age, wife, girlfriend, parents, family, biography, and some lesser known facts about him. You can have Betel sandesh using 5 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Betel sandesh

  1. You need of Chhana.
  2. It’s of Betel.
  3. It’s of Elachi powder.
  4. Prepare of Sugar (for diabetic patient ( sugar free powder).
  5. You need of tbs Butter/ ghee.

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Betel sandesh instructions

  1. First smash the Chhana until it soft and smooth..
  2. Betel grind it with 2/3 tbs water..
  3. Add the betel juice and again smash it..
  4. Add sugar and elachi powder.
  5. Now take a bowl and with litbit butter grease it well.
  6. Add the paste and break it 10 minutes normal temperature 180°c and serve it..

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